A Homosexual Transgender Woman Came to Our Church

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by Chad Koons

Les (name changed for the purposes of this blog post) had walked into our church as a homosexual transgender woman. The impact upon us was undeniable, as well as life changing for all.

The Introduction
It was Les’s first visit at our church. He was decked out in a dress, high heels, and tons of makeup. I was glad to see most that people within our church warmly greeted Les without thinking twice about it, as most Christians tend to freeze up or emit disgust upon seeing a sight such as Les was that day. Extending my hand in greeting, I said “Hello, welcome to church!” It was only then that I had realized that this was a transgender woman. Les, recognizing that I had realized, stared into my eyes with a defiant yet quizzical look, as if challenging me to continue the greeting yet unsure of how I would proceed. “My name is Chad,” I’d stated cheerfully, “I am one of the pastors here. What is your name?”

“I’m Les,” he replied, slowly beginning to shake my hand.

“Thanks for coming today, Les, it’s really great to meet you!” I said with joyful earnest.

A startled expression came upon him. “Really?!” Les replied, eyes widening like saucers and a hesitant smile beginning to form upon his face. “Do you really mean that it’s ‘great’ to meet me?” Clearly Les had expected to be scorned at best or exiled at worst, especially from a leader within the church.

“Of course I mean it, why wouldn’t I?” I had exclaimed. Both of us chuckled and began to learn a little about one another. Les stayed for the Sunday morning service and for many services after that. We would always make it a point to speak, more often than not resulting in deep conversations sprinkled with laughter.

A couple of months had passed with Les regularly attending service at our church, building relationships with many within the church as time went by. He became engaged in everything and had requested prayer several times. One Sunday in particular, I remember seeing Les go forward to be born again! I sought him out afterwards and spoke with him about it. How elated he was! It was like a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders.

A few Sundays after that, I became concerned because I didn’t see Les in service. I walked to where he usually sat but I could not find him. “Hello, Pastor Chad,” came a voice from beside me. I turned to find a slender young man wearing a polo shirt and jeans. “Who’s this?” I’d thought. I didn’t know him but apparently, he knew me. “Don’t you know who I am?” the young man asked with a smile. That SMILE… it was Les! I hadn’t recognized him without the dress and makeup! “LES!” I shouted, giving him a bear hug while both of us held back tears. No longer was Les dressed as a woman; he was now standing before me as a well-groomed young man. This change was not of our enforcement. This happened from his heart. “God is changing my life,” Les confessed with a beaming smile. “I’m so grateful for y’all here, you’ve all shown me so much love.”

Les’s life really did change. He told me that he felt “free.” His clothing had changed, his voice changed, and his attitude changed, but that wasn’t all. We watched the Lord do what only HE could do: bringing emotional healing, breaking addiction, and even a divine healing as Les was miraculously healed of AIDS! It was a total transformation, inside and out.

So, what am I saying here?
Is this a testimony about God changing a life, or a success story for how Christians should treat LGBT people? Both, and so much more. This wasn’t the first nor the last time that an LGBT person came into our local church. We have had many. For the record, not all of them were equally welcomed. Not all of them stuck around. Not all of them had an amazing God encounter that changed their lives. Why? Maybe some of them sat beside the church gossip who gossiped about them until they left. Maybe some of them were berated by the churchgoer who found them disgusting, although they themselves were secretly engaging in sexual sin. Or maybe some of them were blatantly rejected by church people who hated homosexuality yet were somehow ok with their own unlawful divorces. If you can’t say “Amen,” you can at least say “Ouch.” Truth.

Yet some were equally welcomed. Some of them did stick around. Some of them did have an amazing God encounter that changed their lives. Why? Because we saw into the person instead of stopping on the outside. We realized that we are no better than anyone else. We realize that every single individual has limitless value, being worthy of the love and redemption of God Almighty. We understand that we are to be ambassadors to this world, the LGBT community included, allowing God to make His appeal through us. We refuse to go to the extremes of either rejecting them or supporting their sin. We understand that Jesus didn’t hole up in a building somewhere surrounded by His own people, but that He lovingly went into the world and called every sinner to repentance, regardless of which sin it is. We remember that as Christians, we are to come alongside people exactly where they are AND to lead them to Christ. We finally understand that we are all human beings together, regardless of what we may be or do at any given time, therefore we love God and love people without prejudice. No one will find repentance if we keep them from Jesus.

The Father is drawing people, but will they find Jesus within the hearts of the church? God help me to be faithful, never rejecting nor shortchanging those whom the Lord is calling to repentance, no matter what package they come in.

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Sarah said...

Honestly I was terrified to click and read this, but it was better than I expected!

Kim said...

Pastor Chad this is awesome. Your question was, did he change because of God changing him or did the effect that your church loved him make him change. I think it is both. We work together with God to change the lives of people. Always remember, you have to catch a fish to clean it. And some plant, some water but God gives the increase. The gospel is about sharing the love of Jesus. That is what you guys did..you shared love.You evangelized him. Love covers the multitude of sins. if we are loving others, then they open themselves to receive Jesus. Catching the fish sometimes takes patience and persistent of a loving spirit. People are hurting and are looking for loving Jesus in us. Once you catch them, you allowed Holy Spirit to do the cleaning work. We don't judge while we are pointing them to Jesus. Good blog...Great testimony. I will be praying for Les...

Stacey Rijo said...

This is a perfect example of love- les wore his sin openly but so many people are lost in ways that are not as obvious and that’s why it’s so important to love someone in and allow God to do the healing, how many believers turned their face to him? How many have whispered or gave him disapproving glares? He responded to love and love (Jesus) was the only one able to heal his brokenness and his healing. I will be using this to share with friends on my Facebook live party tomorrow- thank you!

Unknown said...

This is absolutely beautiful and so appreciated. They are a group of many who are a hurting and discarded people among many Christians. What healing for them to see a person in leadership no less, treating them so kindly. Loving on them just as they are walking through the door and willing to walk beside them in their journey letting God do the changing. And what an example and reminder to Christians like us that everyone has "junk" they are dealing with. We all have challenges...some outward, some inward, some all of it. A reminder to reach out to people different from ourselves with love for the person inside. I just loved this so much and this is exactly what we need more of.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, an example of the power of God’s love.
The only issue that bothered me is that because some LGBT came and didn’t comeback you immediately made negative assumptions that “maybe this or that” happened. Couldn’t you have just let the story speak for itself? Maybe they didn’t stay because they simply didn’t want to, or weren’t ready for whatever God has for them. Let’s stop the blame game and focus on a life (or lives) that are being changed because people are finally encountering God’s love where Christians are gathered together.

Debby Hiester said...

Your writings are always thought-provoking and challenging to the reader. This is no exception. Aside from it being a powerful example of God's unconditional love, it's also a wonderful reminder of not casting stones due to our own imperfection. We are ALL imperfect, yet are commanded to treat others with love without judgment. Thank you for that reminder. I didn't see your questioning why he didn't return to service as a 'blame game', but as requisite soul-searching for us all.