I Know God’s Will for Your Life

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by Chad Koons

What does God want for your life? Ever wondered that? I have.

On a clear summer night in 1998, I had been driving fast through the countryside while DC Talk’s Jesus Freak CD was blasting through my speakers. The night sky was shot through of brilliant, starry holes, and the moon lit up the landscape with a hopeful glow. The wind whipping through my open windows stung my eyes and reminded me of the tears still lingering on my face.

“I will do whatever You want,” I pleaded with the Lord, “What is Your will for my life?”

By that point in my life, I had felt left behind and unsure of my future. I had faithfully invested some years working with Greater Harrisburg Youth for Christ, a season of life which was beyond amazing. God had been moving at YFC and lives were being changed for both students and leaders alike. I can’t even begin to tell you how many powerful people of God came from that era.

I knew that my season of ministry with YFC had been winding down, yet I wasn’t sure what to do next. Many of my peers seemed to have that answer pretty well supplied to them, as they were either in college, getting engaged, or beginning careers. For a few of us, however, the next steps were not so clear.

All of this had weighed heavy upon my heart that evening in the car.

“Lord, have I messed up and missed your will?!” I yelled out over my car stereo, while cruising even faster between two fields. My heart ached to know the will of God for my life. Perhaps you can relate.

To my complete surprise, God actually answered my question.

“Look up,” the voice of the Lord spoke clear as a bell in my heart. I slowed down and stole another quick glimpse of the stars. The voice continued, “If I can control the universe, I can direct you.”

At once I was in the Spirit; call it a brief mini vision. I saw myself stuck inside of a great labyrinth made of giant hedges. I was lost, staring at the hedge walls before me. Suddenly the angle of my vision panned outward and upward until I was able to see an aerial view of the labyrinth. Now, viewing the maze from above, I could clearly see the path that I had taken, including all of my wrong turns, and I could also see the way out. The voice of the Lord came again: “I am the first and the last, the beginning and the end, I look back on your future.”

Undone, I began to weep.

“Nothing that you do can take Me by surprise, nothing can take you from My hand. Follow Me,” the voice of the Lord concluded. That encounter changed my life, because I knew what the Lord meant when He said, “Follow Me.”

“Follow Me” as a directive was nothing new; Jesus is quite famous for it in the Bible, actually. But what did it mean in relation to God’s will for my life in the here and now?

At the time, I had sincerely thought that will of God was something that I did, and that I’d miss the will of God if I failed to listen and obey correctly. Have you ever felt this way?

The will of God may often include a particular thing to do, or a particular place to go, yet that is not the heart of the matter.

When the Lord said, “Follow Me,” He was actually telling me the secret to knowing His will for my life. Do you know what the Bible says is God’s will for your life? I do. To be like Him. To follow the Lord so closely that you begin transforming into His image.

To be conformed into the Image of Christ: this is the will of God for your life! That’s what the Bible says. The rest… well, in most cases, that may just be details.

Where are you right now? Be like Christ there. What does the Lord have you doing right now? Be like Christ while you’re doing it. Are you sensing a transition coming soon? Be like Christ through the transition. Being like God where you are. This is the will of God for your life.

What about the details? Can you miss the will of God for you? Relax. Love God and be pure. What your hands find to do, do it with all of your heart as unto Him. Follow your giftings, know the Word of God inside and out, stay in community with a local Church body, listen to Godly counsel, and be like Christ. Change your thinking. The will of God is not always what you do; it’s who you are. It’s great that you want to know particulars, but never let the “what’s” and “where’s” take up too much space. Concentrate on HIM. Keep your eyes on Jesus, and the details will come.

You won’t miss it. I didn’t.

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Stacey Rijo said...

This was needed today..As always I am blessed reading your blogs!