Looking Into 2019

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Monday, December 31, 2018 0 comments

by Katie Erickson

As we close out 2018 tonight, it’s tradition to look back on the past year and look forward to the new one. I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions, since it doesn’t take a new calendar year to make a change in your life and they’re so over-hyped anyway in my opinion. But a new year is a good opportunity to look at where you’ve been and where you’re going.

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that I started 2018 in the middle of a series on what the Bible says on various topics. That series contained an entire year’s worth of posts on a wide variety of topics, and it was truly an interesting series for me to write. It was so interesting, in fact, that it will be published in book form on January 28, 2019, along with books by fellow writers Logan Ames and Charlie Wolcott. All three of our books will be available in paperback first and then Kindle versions, so watch for those in about a month!

After wrapping up that series in October 2018, I started a series on the Ten Commandments. Growing up in the church, I started memorizing these commandments in kindergarten if not before, so they’ve been a part of my life for many years. Back in 2014, I helped a student of mine write a book on them as well, focusing on the Hebrew grammar in them as well as the context of the passage and providing commentary on the commandments. Writing this series was a great way to revisit the commandments again this fall and keep them fresh in my mind, as well as providing me an opportunity to dig into the text and context of them more along with how they can apply to our lives today.

So what’s next for my writing? Many people who know me know that I have a passion for the Biblical languages of Greek and Hebrew. While I know that not everyone is a “language person,” I believe we can all benefit from the richness of the Biblical text in its original languages. I’m planning to write on selected psalms and share some of the insights from the Hebrew text for the entire year of 2019. The psalms make up an amazing book in English with all their depth and emotion, and they’re even better in their original Hebrew.

Along with looking at the grammatical insights from the psalms, I hope to also dig into how these psalms can apply to our lives today. They were written thousands of years ago, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely out of touch with today’s world. As I continue to study the Bible, I keep seeing how humanity really hasn’t changed all that much over the thousands of years we’ve been around. We have always been selfish people drawn away from the things of God by our sinful nature, but always seeking God whether we acknowledge it or not. While many technologies in our world have changed since the original writing of the psalms, they’re very human and still apply to today’s world.

I'm still working on specifically which psalms I’ll write about, so if you have a favorite that you’d like me to write about, please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to include it. I know I’ll for sure be writing on some of my favorites - Psalm 1, Psalm 23, Psalm 24, and Psalm 46, just to name a few.

All of us at Worldview Warriors wish you a blessed 2019, and we hope you’ll continue to enjoy all of our writings on this blog!

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