You’re Worshiping Something

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by Jason DeZurik

Many years ago on this journey we call life, I had decided to go my own way and make my own rules. I had decided that I could figure things out myself because I knew what was best for me. Years later, I came to realize that the path I was taking myself down was a path that leads to death and destruction. So, I went on a quest, if you will, to find the truth. Truth is not elusive if you are willing to seek and search for it and choose to stop searching for it once you’ve found it. In our Western culture today it seems many are on a path like I was so many years ago, one that leads to death and destruction.

Something I’d like you to think about and consider is this: Is a worship of self really worshiping some other deity? Think about it. If we have been created to worship Almighty God as the Bible states, do people actually fall to their own spiritual default position to worship, but they are many times not worshiping the One they are to be worshiping?

It seems to me that many in today’s world have fallen prey to the forces of darkness. They are not only worshiping these deities but are now being used by them to in order to be trapped in this worship more and more each day.

Just one example I am referring to is the worship of Asherah. Please hang with me here, I promise to connect the dots. The worship of Asherah is rampant in the United States today. We don’t call it that, but lo and behold, that is what it is. For those of you that don’t know, Asherah is a goddess of fertility. In the Old Testament, people would go to the temple of Asherah to have sex with the temple priestesses. They wouldn’t have sex with their wives but with other women at the temple.

Idols used in Asherah worship

Today, not only are people being self-indulged with sex, but many today are also worshiping another deity by supplying babies which are being killed or dare I say sacrificed to this god. The god is named Molech. Molech is a detestable god that some Israelites and other cultures worshiped by bringing their newborn babies to the priests of Molech to be sacrificed at the altar of Molech. The priests of Molech would stoke a fire inside of the idol representing Molech and then place a newborn baby into the arms of this idols or on to a plate that the idol was holding that was searing hot from the fire inside of the idol. In essence, this Idol would hold this new born baby in its arms or on top of the hot plate until the child died. 

Representation of Molech worship

I can only hope the Holy Spirit will open your eyes to the parallels we have going on in our society today. Many who are choosing to be self-indulgent with sex are seemingly not only worshiping Asherah but are also supplying newborn babies for worshiping at the altar of Molech. Abortion today is rampant in our society. My Christian brothers and sisters, I implore you to pray and ask Almighty God for forgiveness for our nation, and yes, even for our own complacency at times in this matter. For those of you today who are willingly or unwillingly worshiping at the altars of Asherah and Molech, forgiveness is readily available this day through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. You can be forgiven and move on today.

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