The Biblical Worldview

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by Charlie Wolcott

Last week, I discussed five key questions regarding our worldview. Where did I come from? Why am I here? Who am I? Where am I going? Who do I listen to? How we answer those questions is how we see things around us. The way I answer those questions is how Charlie Wolcott sees this world. The way Jason DeZurik, Katie Erickson, Steve Risner, Nathan Buck, or Logan Ames answers these questions is how they see things. Same with each atheist, Christian, Muslim, politician, scientist, etc. Today, I am going to address the only worldview that actually matters: God’s worldview, which is revealed to us in the Bible.

Now pay very close attention to the distinction I am about to make because so many do not and will not see it. What I am about to describe is not MY idea or MY perspective. It is what God says to us about how he sees it. He tells us his perspective through the Bible, but he also shows it in action the closer we get to him in our relationship and walk with Christ. We do have access to the mind of Christ and our lives as Christians is to be transformed to be more and more aligned to God’s worldview. So how does God answer these five questions about us?

Origins: God is the Creator, the initiator, the author, and the ruler over all. He gave us a record of who did the creating, what mechanism he used to create (he spoke them into existence, without natural methods), the order of how he did things, the time frame he did it in, how much time has passed since he did it all, and the condition of the Creation when it was finished. It is not difficult to figure this out. Our job is to believe God in what he says. Many say this is a secondary issue, yet EVERY doctrine of Christianity actually traces directly or indirectly to a foreshadow, reference, or foundation laid out in the first few chapters of Genesis. I have done that study and have a book in the works on it.

On a personal level, God sees each person’s past in the same way an author does his/her characters. He looks at the whole story, examines what each person is going to encounter, and he allows things to happen for the purpose of getting people in action and prepared to do things. He does allow man to make his own choices, and those choices often have terrible effects upon others, however he will see wrongs made right. There is also Satan out there who seeks to devour any he can. But God sees our past, every right and every wrong, and if we trust him, he will work them out for good.

Purpose: God made each and every person for a reason and with a task to do. He equips people with skills and talents to do a job. He offers every person a chance to work with him and alongside him, but many refuse it. We do not see the whole picture, but God does, so while we go through dark times, God knows where each person is and is in the process of positing us to be where we need to be when the right moment comes. All of this is for the purpose of glorifying God. Every person exists to glorify God, by will and choice, or by the smoke of their torment in hell as God’s judgment is poured upon them. It’s always best to do things God’s way.

Identity: Each person is created in the image of God and has value. Even the poor and disabled are precious in the sight of God. He seeks that none should perish but all might repent and have ever-lasting life. However, he also sees every person in their state regarding sin: either still lost in their sin or as a redeemed child of God. He sees every legitimate Christian and every faker. God never sugar-coats the waters. He always says exactly what each person is and what their actions are. He will call defiant sinners as “Sons of Satan” and those who constantly seek after him as “children of God.”

He also knows where each and every person will go. That is NOT an endorsement for “God picks and chooses who goes to heaven or hell,” but rather that he knows each person so well he knows which decisions they will make before they do it. He will hold a Day of Judgment where every person will stand before him and give an account for every word said, every deed done, and everything which should have been said or done and wasn’t. He knows where each person’s journey needs to go and which detours are required to get them there. Some destinations are good and some are bad. The bad ones are a result of God’s judgment for poor decisions. The good ones are rewards for choosing correctly.

Finally, God is the ultimate authority. It truly is “my way or the highway” with God. Why? Because he’s God and we are not. God establishes every authority on earth, raising up kings and setting them down. Every kingdom and every authority is under God’s rule and authority. The kings and “experts” who are in rebellion against God are fools and God laughs at them, holding them in derision. They have absolutely no real power or knowledge because the only true power and knowledge comes from God. Man has no need to fear any authority of man, but he has every right to fear the authority of God.

This is just a brief snapshot of how God deals with each and every question we ask. Did I give it proper justice? Absolutely not. Again, this is not from my opinions. This is what God has revealed through the Bible. I just happen to agree with it. Our job as Christians is to align our worldview to God’s worldview. Will it ever completely match? Not on this side of life, because we are finite beings still living in sin-cursed bodies. However, we can work and strive to make our worldview align to God’s worldview. He is the standard, not us, and we are not capable of being correct on anything unless it aligns with what God says on the matter.

I’ll close with this quote from Eric Ludy from his sermon “Betrayed with a Kiss” about what a “Canon-Mind,” or as I describe a “Biblical-Mind,” is. THIS is what I wrote is all about. This quote is at the 35:00 mark of the linked video.

“A mind given wholly to God, implicitly trusting God’s definition of reality, exclusively devoted to God’s opinion and command, closed to all thoughts, ideas, or philosophies that would lead the mind to take on another reality. The Canon-Mind is built on God’s Word as if it were, in fact, God’s Word. The Canon-Mind is built upon the rock-like conviction that God’s Word is the perfect revelation of Fact. It cannot lie and is 100% truth. And the Canon-Mind knows that God intends his Word to be comprehended by his saints, understood by his saints, and lived out by his saints. The Canon-Mind is not open to any thought, notion, or definition of reality that is not 100% concurrent with the Revelation of God’s Word."

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Charlie said...

A great verse to keep in mind when discussing the Biblical Worldview is Proverbs 3:5.
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding."