Creation and Evolution: A Study of Opposites

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Friday, March 2, 2018 3 comments

by Charlie Wolcott

I am always baffled by statements from other believers that “God could have used evolution” to create the universe. The bulk of those who say this, so do out of ignorance because they really have not studied the two topics with great detail. Those who have and still believe it are knowingly believing and teaching a lie and should be marked as wolves. My desire in this post is to show that the two are not only incompatible, but are directly opposed to each other. The areas of contraction between these two models which I will address but not comprehensively include: mechanism of creation, order of creation, role of death, value of the weak, moral standards, and order of authority.

For the mechanism of creation, the Bible tells us that God spoke it and it was made. He did not use any natural means. Skeptics want a full detailed “scientific” account, not so they can believe, but more so in order to be able to replicate it and then say “We don’t need God.” God did not give us that. He created with a supernatural method (his voice) and in such a way that no one can honestly take any glory from him. Evolution is completely dependent upon natural means. While many of its supporters will say it makes no statement about God, the mechanism is still the same: natural laws and natural means. Whether “natural selection” (as Richard Dawkins suggests in The God Delusion) or whether “God did it,” the deep time models require natural means, whereas the Biblical account requires supernatural means.

The order of creation is another irreconcilable factor between the two models. The Bible records light, sky, water separation, land, plants, sun, moon, stars, birds and fish, land animals and man in that order. Evolution’s order starts with stars, planets, water and land, simple archaea-bacteria (which are not simple by any means) and gradually built up to multi-cellular creatures, to fish and plants, to amphibians, to land animals, to birds, and eventually to the modern-day biodiversity. The order is completely different.

Death and its role is a major issue. Paul teaches that death is an enemy of man, particularly the last enemy to be destroyed. The Bible teaches repeatedly that death and sin are connected and that death is the righteous due or judgment for sin. With Evolution, death is a part of the natural world and is actually beneficial by “weeding” out the “weaker species.” More on that later. The Bible shows that death is the ultimate result of the curse sin brings upon man and all under his authority (the rest of the creation). Evolution teaches that death is the mechanism to weed out the weak, build the strong, and bring out all the diversity of life.

The effect of sin and death is also contrasted between the two models in how the progress takes place. The Bible shows that sin causes decay and death, degrading everything over time. Evolution teaches that as the weaker species die, those left will make stronger and better species. The Bible teaches that due to sin, things left alone will tend towards disorder, decay, and death. Evolution requires things left alone will still head towards improvement and betterment and that nature will fix itself (with man’s help of course).

The Bible teaches us to cherish the weak and the lowly. God values the flower of the field, and the sparrow, and he even numbers the hairs of our head. He cherishes every single detail, especially those we tend to consider insignificant. Evolution, on the other hand, would rather see the weak and lowly put out of their misery so they would quit taking resources from the strong and mighty. Evolution puts the intellect and education of man on the highest platform, and looks down upon any who would dare challenge those in charge. God, on the other hand, uses the weak to shame the strong, the uneducated to shame the educated, and the poor to shame the rich. Evolution teaches a cut-throat, get all you can now, and knock down anyone who get in your way world. The Bible teaches humility and to serve and to take the lowest seat willingly.

The Bible teaches a holy moral standard based on God’s character, which no man can keep in his own ability. Evolution denies that any objective moral standard exists. When defending why any type of morality exists, Evolutionists typically point towards empathy and that “everyone knows what is right and wrong.” But there is no basis for such a statement. The Bible not only gives and defines morality, it explains why the believer and the pagan have it. With this, the Bible teaches that a Savior must come to rescue man from his plight. Evolution teaches that man is at the current height of the Evolutionary chain and can determine his own rules for how to operate.

And lastly, but not comprehensively, the Bible teaches that God is the highest authority and man is subject to this rule, whether they recognize it or not. The Bible is God’s revelation of himself, in text, to show man who he is and what he is like. Evolution teaches that man is the highest authority and that man can determine how the universe works or even what is best for everyone else. Just listen to who appeals to whom first, let alone the most. The young earth creationists will turn to the Bible first and the scientists second. The secularists, including Old earthers, will turn to the scientists first, and if the Bible is referenced at all it is last, and slapped on after the fact.

The Biblical account of Creation and Evolution could hardly be any further apart. How anyone can conceive that these two are compatible and stay there is beyond me. In my circles, I have met many young earthers who used to be old earthers and almost universally, they realized how the two models are irreconcilable, because they studied it. They chose to believe the Bible above the “scientific consensus.” Those who chose the latter have shown to quickly become atheists if not in name, but certainly by practice. The youth in our churches are asking these questions on how what they hear in school and what they read in the Bible sort out and time and time again, the pastors and youth leaders are saying, “It doesn’t matter. It just matters that God created.” If you are a leader in such a position… don’t do that. Just don’t. You are creating a seed of doubt in that child by telling them they don’t have to believe every word of the Bible. Instead show them that the two are complete opposites and show that the Bible can be trusted. But it will require work and study on your part which is what the Bible commands of every believer, but especially of church leaders. If you don’t have the answers to these issues, seek them. We at Worldview Warriors would love to help you sort out such confusion.

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Steve said...

An excellent side by side comparison between the two of some of the major issues. Thanks, Charlie. The bottom line is holding to both is actually holding to neither. Christianity and Darwinism are not compatible because they are opposed. Darwinism is part of a larger scheme to replace God--atheism birthed it and needs it. Christianity does not need it by any means. Why would a person who loves God embrace an idea that was born out of the need to replace God? This was the stated intent long ago. And how could such an idea be considered unbiased? The truth is Christianity is vastly opposed to humanism, which evolution is a major part of and the result of. Then these same people who advocate such a marriage will hold hands with those who hate God and mock or attack followers of Christ, all the while claiming to be a follower themselves.

Charlie said...

Thanks and point on, Steve. I shared this post in a YEC group which allows OEC in there and boy did the teeth and claws fly. They certainly carried out what you said, as I have experienced numerous time. Challenge their Sacred Cow, million of years, let alone their teachers, and you'd think you had insulted their mother and violated their very being. I still await the day to see them join hands with us, rather than join the militant atheists. It shows which side they are really on.

ashleyhr said...

On the 'side' of science.