A Little Time Off

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Tuesday, September 27, 2016 0 comments

by Bill Seng

“I have much to write to you, but I do not want to do so with pen and ink. I hope to see you soon, and we will talk face to face.” ~3 John 13-14

I don’t know how many people at this point are aware of this, but my wife and I are expecting our second child to arrive with a tentative due date of December 5, 2016. We plan to name him Caleb Carter Seng, and we are really excited to do the whole new parent thing all over again. We have grown quite a bit since the birth of our first son, Jaden William Seng, but we have also learned that there is much to prepare for and certain things that need to be attended to before the baby is born.

One of the things that I have taken upon myself is a second job. Currently, I have essentially been working, well, a lot. I have been putting in a lot of hours, which has resulted in me having to be away from my family more than I would prefer right now. Ever since I made this decision to take a second job I decided that I was going to stick it out as long as I could in providing a weekly blog post for the Worldview Warriors ministry. But lately, the late nights and physical nature of my second job have been wearing me out too much to be able to give to my family the emotional, psychological, and spiritual support they need in preparation for this new addition to our family. Thus, I have determined that I will be taking a leave from blog post writing for a span of time so that I can be the whole-hearted spiritual leader of my household.

It has been a huge blessing being a blog writer for Worldview Warriors. It has challenged me and caused me to grow in ways I would not have imagined.

I believe I started writing blog posts in 2013, pending the release of my first book, The World That Then Was. At that time, my posts were based on Creationism, the existence of God, and the evidence for Jesus Christ. Back then, I tried to answer every single question that was thrown my way with as much detail as I could, lest I forget something and get ambushed with more skepticism. Those days were fun, exciting, and frustrating; wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone thought the same way about everything?

It was in 2015 that we started working through books of the Bible as a group in Worldview Warriors. Even though I have noticed that the interest in my posts have not been as high as what they used to be, working our way through these books has been a lot of fun. If you could only sit in on one of our blogger meetings to hear the discussions we have about the various angles and opinions on each passage of Scripture we write on! One of the things I wish everyone who reads these blog posts could know is what a wonderful bunch of people are contributing to this ministry, of which I am the least. I would give them all kudos right now, but it would take too long, so I will just list them out and give a blanket statement about what I think of them.

Jason DeZurik, Katie Erickson, Logan Ames, Charlie Wolcott, Nathan Buck, Ami Samuels, and Steve Risner are some of the best people you are ever going to meet. They love Jesus, have a heart for people, and have the humility to admit when they are wrong and the boldness to tell you when you are wrong. If only I had the integrity and strength of resolve as the least of these Jesus freaks… well, I honestly don’t know how to finish that statement, but it would be awesome.

What I look forward to now, in terms of Worldview Warriors, is the upcoming event Rooted and Established. During this time off I will be solidifying what I will say at this event so that I can give those who attend my workshops their money’s worth. I’m going to give you a taste of my book 10 Irrefutable Proofs of Creation, a look at how bad theology leads to a bad worldview, provide clarity on why dinosaurs and the Bible matter, and what Satan’s fall means for us.

I cited the Apostle John from his third letter at the top of this post because I think that is the heart of all of the Worldview Warriors team; not just that we could write to you, but that we could meet you face to face and discuss these things with you so that you might experience how much God loves you and we love you in the most understandable way possible. If you can, come to Rooted and Established in Marion, Ohio on November 11th and 12th, not only for our gratification that you came, but also for your own spiritual growth. It will be wonderful reconnecting there and maybe even getting to know some of our faithful followers. Thank you for your support. It is both humbling and a pleasure sharing in the ministry of the Gospel with all of you!

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