Living Forward

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by Nathan Buck

There is a HUGE difference between a promise made, and a promise kept. We all have likely experienced broken promises. They hurt, but they hurt most when we really trusted and leaned into the promise with expectation. When we look forward, and then live forward trusting in a promise made, we hope for that promise to come into reality. But a promise made can only be trusted as far as the ability of the promise maker to bring it about. The track record AND the power of the promise maker tell us the likelihood of the promise being kept, and how much we may be able to trust it.

It is appropriate to end 2015 and start 2016 with the encouragement from the last section of Paul's letter to the Roman Believers. Paul reminds them of God's character, track record, and power, in order to help them lean into the promise of being strengthened by God in their faith and in the purposes they were created for. Read Romans 16:25-27.

Did you notice how Paul calls out the promises God has kept? He reminds the believers that God brought His word (teaching) into reality, to be seen and known as good, through Jesus Christ. Jesus was the promise made and promise kept. He is the example of everything God promised and commanded in regard to right living.

So, if God can bring about the birth of a human purely by His power, have that human be God Himself in the flesh, and have that human live a perfect moral life, surrender that life to undo our sin and be raised to life again securing the promise of relationship and life eternally with God, then He likely can secure us in what He has called us to.

The Greek word translated as "establish" in verse 25, means to strengthen, decide firmly, or make firm in a location. That definition pretty much covers any way or anywhere we may need strength. God's promise is to establish you in the gospel (good news) of His story with humanity. That means your abilities, talents, and personality are part of the story and part of His plan. He designed you, and He has gifted you with natural ability. If you are a follower of Jesus He has also given you supernatural ability and gifts through His Holy Spirit dwelling within you.

As you go into 2016, are you living forward, leaning into the promises of God, and trusting that He will strengthen you for the road ahead? Are you making your talents and abilities available to His purposes, trusting He has a plan for them right where you are, or right where He is about to show you?

Let 2016 be a year of great expectation and hope that God WILL establish you in His purposes and plans through Jesus Christ - for His mission and for the sake of those He is calling you toward.

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