Back With Power

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by Bill Seng
“…count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus.” ~Romans 6:11

I believe it was in Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope that Obi Won Kenobi said to Darth Vader, “Strike me down now and I will become more powerful than you could imagine.” In dying to ourselves, in dying to sin, through the death of our mortal spirits we are made alive in Christ by the Spirit. Death is an atoning work in which people are bought back for God. Death is not an end point, though. It is not a point where God says, “Okay, all is forgiven and that is it.” No, it is a starting point.

When Moses was to die, he climbed on top of a mountain to be alone with God and to see all of the land that Israel would inherit. He saw the land, passed away, and God buried him. He was a righteous man in many respects, but just as everyone else he fell prey to sin throughout his life. It was even sin that prevented him from entering the Holy Land with the rest of Israel. We are given wonderful evidence that Moses’ death was not the end. It was a liberation of his spirit to be free in the presence of God.

In the Gospels we are told that Jesus climbed to the top of a mountain with his disciples James, Peter, and John. Of all things they were to encounter upon that mountain, Jesus spoke with Moses and Elijah, a prophet of old. And what other topic would they be discussing than Jesus’ mission to the cross and probably even his resurrection.

What an encouragement that had to have been for our Lord Jesus to speak with his friend Moses whom he had consoled upon that mountain in the Old Testament. Moses’ passing was a passing away from sin and death into glory and eternal life. No longer would Moses fight with sin, but live in glory. Through his death, his future testimony would become great to us New Testament Saints.

The idea of death is frightening to us. But when we realize the power behind the death of these sin-cursed bodies, the more we will realize the power behind our glorified bodies that God will one day give us. Death to ourselves is just the beginning, and eternal life starts today if you will only hear God’s call. So when these earthly bodies pass away, our greatest adventure has only just begun.

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