Knowing Right and Wrong

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by Bill Seng

“In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit.” (Judges 17:6)

Did you know that the Holocaust is morally justifiable? Think about it. It attempted to eliminate an inferior race as well as other genetic stragglers, such as the mentally and physically handicapped, tiny people, and homosexuals. In the words of Ebenezer Scrooge, Hitler was merely trying to reduce the surplus population.

Now, let’s be real. Was the Holocaust really justifiable in a moral sense? NO! Why would I propose such an absurd notion? Perhaps it is because there is a certain movement in our country, which, if you follow their logic to its obvious conclusions, would have to concede that it was morally justifiable.

Atheists often get offended when they are accused of having no true standard from which they draw their morals. Most atheists would say that one does not need a supernatural authority in order to be moral. So when they are asked by what authority they can derive morality a typical response is “society.” In some societies, it is moral to kill. A society that believes in preserving the purity of its race and keeping the growth of its population under control for the sake of allocating its resources to the most important people and the advancement of human evolution would deem that killing mass quantities of certain individuals is not only moral, but necessary.

How do we know what is right and wrong? To me, a practice such as killing described above, is despicable and ignores Jesus’ call to love the “least of these.” Aside from my religious convictions, I believe that any sane person would agree with my assertion that ethnic cleansing and serial genocide are horrible practices. Let’s use another example: telling lies.

It is assumed that everybody in every religion and every ideology thinks that lying is wrong. This could not be any further from the truth. Deception and betrayal are honorable traits among certain peoples. The ancient Greeks and many groups of people in the Middle East believe that if you are foolish enough to be deceived, that is your own problem. Unfortunately, in America we are trending in a similar direction. People can be tape-recorded and caught on camera and deny what they said or what they did, with the respective clip playing in the background. We claim to be disgusted at this practice, but we continue to approve of the very people who commit these crimes. Is lying wrong? Is lying evil? YES! Do people, such as atheists, have any incentive to tell a person the truth when lying would be more beneficial? No.

There are so many examples of twisted morality that we can talk about, but let’s change things up a bit. Giving. Is giving good? What about honesty? Consistency? Peace? Justice? Understanding? Helping? You would be hard pressed to find anyone that would disagree with the inherent purity of these practices.

The Bible tells us that there is no excuse to do evil or to deny God’s existence. Without a Divine authority, there truly is no authority. Having studied the creation/evolution debate, politics, and business, it has become very evident to me that there are certain people who do not only lie when necessary, but who are compulsive liars. Such people do not care about God’s authority. Those who love God do not live only to please themselves, but in a manner that is pleasing to Him.


Bob Sorensen said...

There are atheists that not only appeal to society for their morality, but to evolution as well. Sure, survival of the fittest. Those virtues you wrote about do not fit evolution, which is mainly about reproduction and survival. Yet some evolutionary scientists are proposing weird things like being nice to each other has a survival advantage, or that murder is an evolutionary strategy. Seems like grasping at straws to me.

There have been atheists who complained about what I wrote, and said it was "wrong". By doing so, they were tacitly admitting that there is an ultimate standard, and borrow from the Christian worldview in an effort to condemn me because they disliked what I wrote! No, the ultimate moral standard comes from God.

David J. said...

Here is a series of videos on morality from a secular/atheist perspective:

JD70 said...

Admittedly, David J. I have to chuckle a bit by your comment, because this video series you are promoting "steals it's capital from God" in trying to promote it's self as promoting "good morals". While at the same time attempting to make things that are immoral as "normal" for society.

It promotes education and science as the foundation to achieve moral progress. I am not against education or science BUT when these are based on faulty foundations such as macro evolution or attempts to base itself on a foundation devoid of truth from God, well, then we have a serious issue.

If you do believe in this way and already have made a decision to get rid if the possibility of the super natural being a possibility in the natural, then we will just have to disagree. But as this video series shows stealing your capital from God and then claiming it as your own and then mucking up the waters a bit doesn't make it right.

For instance: This person in the video, without even knowing it, has already stolen the capital of Humans being "made in God's image" to make his point and he doesn't even know it. He is giving more worth to human beings right away but logically in a atheistic/secular view this makes no sense because either everything would have the same worth, hence humans would be lower in the "food chain" than they already are.

Much too much to deal with, with the first video and I do not plan to go down that rabbit hole at this time because I have already been down that rabbit hole myself and see not only the backward logic in it but also the endless rabbit trails this sort of thing leads to. Again, I've been down that path and plan to stick with truth and "Knowing Right and Wrong"

You can believe whatever you so desire. That is your choice. I'm glad WVW continues to seek out the truth and challenges people to think and dig on their own.

JD70 said...

I will make one last observation about the video series you posted. In Society 3 he makes another broad brush stroke regarding "consent" While I agree that adults having sex with children is absolutely wrong, he cannot make the same point, even though he does in the video. Again, why can he do that? Because he steals his capital from God to make his point.

I'm out! Have a great weekend everyone.

David J. said...

//While I agree that adults having sex with children is absolutely wrong, he cannot make the same point, even though he does in the video. Again, why can he do that? Because he steals his capital from God to make his point.//

Where does the Bible make any statements about age in relation to sex or marriage?

JD70 said...

David, cherry picking comments is fun and a game that I do not play anymore. I used to cherry pick all the time and also allowed people to cherry pick my statements as well. I'm glad you asked the question but I also would like to know what you agree with in my comments as well. This way I will know you are truly looking for truth and to have an actual discussion. Thank you.

I will answer your question in this way though. The Bible is clear that parents are responsible for the children they have. Their sins will pass on down tot the third and fourth generation. I also believe that their good decisions will pass on down too as long as the children receive the teaching and observe what righteous living looks like from their parents.