Posted by Worldview Warriors On Sunday, May 4, 2014 0 comments
by Loren Walz

Keeping things organized in life is always tough. Back before computers, people had boxes upon boxes of photos printed out, and files upon files of important papers. Now, in the new age of technology, we store most things digitally, relying on our computers to keep things in order. I love that I can more easily search for documents on my computer, however, sometimes my computer gets bogged down from storing files all over the hard drive. It becomes a little scattered, and loses efficiency.

Our lives can go the same way - we get our priorities mixed up, or feel scattered by over committing ourselves. Who we are in Christ can become splintered by the clutter of our daily lives. We start to lose our peace, our joy becomes obscured by our weariness, and we lose sight of our #1 priority - God.

When it comes to computers, we can simply “defrag” them, or run a quick program to help it reorganize files - making the highest priority files the most accessible. In the same way, we need to reorganize our lives to make the most important parts the most accessible. God’s Word gives us the method: “Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matthew 6:33)

As we continually put God first in our lives, all of the scattered pieces are picked up by His provision and grace. Our God is a God who cares deeply about each one of His people, and this means that He cares even about the small details.

When you’re having a hard time getting your priorities in order, and the clamor of your daily life is overcoming your connection to the Father, camp is a great place to push aside distractions and focus on your priority - seeking the kingdom of God first. Join us this summer! Take a week to focus on the kingdom of God at Camp Otyokwah.