ID and Me

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ID and Me arrived in the mail the next day. I was so excited to start reading it because I knew that it held answers to some of my biggest questions concerning God and science. Immediately I unwrapped the book from its packaging, took it to the lounge area in our dormitory, and started to read.

“Too many people take it for granted that they know that the God of the universe loves them. Before I began my journey I held people who believed in God in contempt. God was nothing more than a hypothesis. He was not even that! He was something that someone thought up a long time ago to frighten their children from going outside into the dark or from running too fast, climbing trees, having sex, or being disobedient. The idea of God was laughable, but I was not laughing. “I was bitter. I would not say that I was full of hatred, but I certainly did not enjoy life. To me, life was about achievement. I was a hard worker and could definitely get the results I always desired. I went to the most prestigious schools and sparred with the most intelligent minds. Then one day, my life changed. I got married.

“I am not sure what my wife saw in me. I am convinced that maybe she enjoyed being around people that made her feel miserable. The only thing that disproves my conviction is that she was never miserable. In fact, there were days where I treated her like dirt and she continued to be her sweet old self. Granted, I was aware of her Christian faith before we got married, but really? I was a jerk, plain and simple. She was an angel that was showering me with grace.

“One day, she invited me to church with her. I had turned her down many times in the past, but it was Easter! I agreed because I thought it would make her feel special to be seen at church with her husband. I was in for quite the treat. The Pastor was cheerful and boisterous. He preached about the resurrection of Jesus, eternal life, and the life that God has called us all to live. What really disturbed me was that he truly believed what he was saying. First of all, I thought to myself, ‘how can he possibly believe what he is saying?” Second, I asked myself, “Why don’t you believe what he is saying?” Today, I question whether or not that second voice was the Holy Spirit.

“My answer to the second question was, ‘Well, science disproves the existence of God. And if not the existence of God, at least the necessity of God. If science can prove that, why should I believe what this man is saying?’ I stayed after church and spoke with my wife and then her pastor, and then some of the people from the congregation. I was thirsty for information. Finally, they directed me to a professor at Good Shepherd Seminary. It was there that I got many answers to the questions that troubled me.

“This book does not detail my journey from disbelief to belief, but it will answer the questions that troubled me most before I gave my life to Jesus. What you are about to read are ten interviews with renowned professors in the fields of science and theology that will challenge the philosophy of our day. If you are a skeptic and desire to remain that way, you might want to stop reading this book right now. If you truly want to challenge your blind faith in the material world continue reading and prepare to have your world turned upside down.”

I had a chill run down my spine. This was exactly what I was looking for. I could not wait to continue reading. Once I read this book from cover-to-cover I would be able to go toe-to-toe with Dr. Derkins.