Elephant Hurling – An evolutionist’s best friend

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A major problem for evolution is there isn’t a single indisputable transition fossil when the record should be full of them. It was said that evolution is “obvious in fossils.” This tactic is known as elephant hurling and is completely false. The trouble for the evolutionist is that with the hundreds of millions if not billions of fossils that we have found, there is not a single fossil anyone can say for sure is slowly changing into a different type of organism. Most alleged “missing links” are later found to be false. The best contenders are made from a piece of jaw, a rib and a leg bone found on the same 10 acres of ground at varying depths. Darwin even said the fossil record was the most powerful evidence against his theory, and he believed in time it would reveal the evidence he needed. Over 150 years later, we’re still looking for a single piece of evidence in the fossil record. Now, some evolutionists will now say, “Every fossil is a transition fossil,” which apparently is supposed to make this catastrophic problem go away. But does it really? When we find a rabbit in the fossil record, we know it’s a rabbit. When we find a bird, we’re pretty sure it’s a bird. If a fish is found, no one disputes it. It’s a fish.

Continuing with the geologic column, we see there are no known processes that would add to the geologic column today. Common thought in the scientific community is that things are happening the same now as they were for the last few billion years. This, of course, is purely because the theory of evolution demands it. There is nothing that suggests this without first believing evolution is true. Catastrophism is the modern thought on the geologic column. This, of course, is what creationists have said all along. But the evolutionist is referring to local floods or volcanic eruptions or other catastrophes that allegedly say down a layer of the geologic column. How, then, are layers that span continents or even oceans explained? They’re not, really. A global flood would explain such features that are common in today’s landscapes.

Genesis 8:3 The water receded steadily from the earth. At the end of the hundred and fifty days the water had gone down...


George Lippert said...

Nicely written and properly provocative. Makes me want to read more on the subject. Mission accomplished.

ohiosnuccadoc said...

Thank you, George. I appreciate you reading my work. Be blessed, sir.


Anonymous said...

What would you define as a "missing link"?

Anonymous said...

I came across your entry while doing a search for "elephant hurling" and it's quite ironic that you would accuse "evolutionists" of doing that and then doing the same yourself. Take this for example your assertion about transitional fossils (no one who is to be taken seriously uses the phrase missing link any more) being just a bone or two found miles apart. That's a baseless, unsupported and uncited assertion about a large amount of data.

If you would like to discuss the actual fossil record, I would love to do so a venue we find mutually acceptable.

As for your claim about no geological processes adding to the geological column, I'm not sure what that is supposed to mean. New strata are being formed all the time by ocean sedimentation, vulcanism and metamorphism.

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